Trützschler Supplies New Fertichem Facility, Enters Agreement With Marzoli

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG,
Germany, recently supplied a blow room and seven TC 03 cards to India-based Fertichem Cotspin’s new
facility for ring-spun denim yarn production.

The new machinery has almost doubled Fertichem’s production capacity for ring-spun and
open-end yarns, and has increased the company’s number of Trützschler cards to 20. The most recent
order was based upon Fertichem’s success with two TC 03 cards installed in its open yarn production
unit in 2005; as well as with Trützschler DK 803, DK 903 and DK 780 cards installed over the last
eight years.

Fertichem plans to order three more TC 03 cards later this year, along with an additional
7,200 spindles, which will increase its combined spin yarn design capacity to 20 tons per day — 42
metric tons per day total for open-end and ring-spun yarns.

Fertichem’s customers include such India-based companies as Ashima, Raymond Uco Denim and
Arvind Mills.

In addition, Trützschler and Marzoli S.p.A., an Italy-based manufacturer of spinning
machinery, have entered into an agreement for the development and production of lap winders and
combing machines. Marzoli will build the new combing machines, while Trützschler will handle sales
and customer service. Trützschler expects to commence delivery of the machines early next

July 10, 2007