Atlas To Create Single Florida Weather Testing Facility

Atlas Weathering Services Group (AWSG), a division of Chicago-based Atlas Material Testing
Technology LLC, has bought 18 acres of land in Miami. The company plans to create a consolidated
weathering exposure center by combining its existing South Florida Test Service (SFTS) Everglades
site and the newly acquired land.

“As development has encroached on our SFTS site at Okeechobee Road and we have continued to
operate two separate test sites in Miami, we have now realized our goal to consolidate our sites in
the most pristine testing environment in south Florida,” said Jack Martin, president, AWSG. “The
expanded facilities of our Everglades site will serve as the ASWG worldwide headquarters,
comprising … the world’s most sophisticated accelerated weathering laboratory, outdoor weathering
services and sample evaluation facilities.”

The company currently is moving some test exposures to the Everglades site.

March/April 2006