Textile Innovators Offers WFK Test Fabrics In US, Canada

Windsor, N.C.-based Textile
Innovators has been named exclusive US and Canadian distributor for Germany-based WFK consumables,
such as soiled samples and other test materials. The samples are used in testing the efficacy of a
wide range of detergent products, as well as washing machines.

WFK, a spin-off company from WFK Research Institute, supplies cotton, cotton/polyester,
wool, silk, acrylic and nylon testing samples stained or soiled with natural and man-made
substances such as foodstuffs, lipstick, motor oil, shoe polish, clay, vacuum cleaner dust, and a
peat moss/soot/ cement mixture. The samples are available in standard widths of 80 centimeters and
lengths of up to 36 inches, with other sizes available on request.

Through a reciprocal arrangement, WFK sells Textile Innovators’ consumables in

October 2005