SSM Stähle-Eltex Moves To New Home

Germany-based SSM Stähle-Eltex GmbH
has moved into a new production facility in order to respond to increased demand for its
air-texturing machinery and allow future expansion. The new plant is located at Storlachstrasse 4,
D-72760 Reutlingen, Germany.

The company’s SSM DP2-T series air-texturing machines are used to manufacture yarns up to
900 decitex (dtex), and the high-performance RM3-T series for yarns up to 3,200 dtex. At ITMA 2003,
it introduced the RM3-S, which is used to draw and heat-set filament sewing threads and twisted
technical filament yarns; and the DS3-U Uniplex, which processes Uniplex™ spun yarn using the
stretch-break principle. The Uniplex process was developed in collaboration with DuPont,
Wilmington, Del.

SSM Stähle-Eltex is represented in the United States by Symtech Inc., Spartanburg.

January 2004