Sara Blakely Sends 1,000 Girls Across The Country To Camp Invention This Summer

ATLANTA — June 27, 2024 — Sara Blakely, the inventor and founder of Spanx, is giving full scholarships to send 1,000 girls across the country to Camp Invention® this summer.

“My hope is that this gift will inspire the next generation of female leaders and industry disruptors. Only 13% of primary patent holders are women, and when I started Spanx, that number was even lower… it was only 6.8%,” Blakely said. “We need more products and ideas generated from the feminine perspective. Women have so many gifts to bring into the world… imagine if their full potential could be realized. I’m so excited to partner with the National Inventors Hall of Fame to send young girls to Camp Invention this summer so they too can have the confidence to dream up ideas and solve problems for the world.”

In addition to the financial gift, each girl will also receive a “lucky” red backpack. “I started Spanx with my lucky red backpack from college. It was with me every step of the way. The lucky red backpack is a symbol of starting small while dreaming big and that everything you need is right there on your back. It’s even hung on the wall and framed at Spanx HQ as an inspiring symbol,” Blakely said.

For more than three decades, Camp Invention, a program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame® in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, has developed confidence and problem-solving skills for girls and boys through authentic, hands-on STEM activities inspired by its Inductees. Camp Invention promotes STEM learning; builds leadership, perseverance and resourcefulness; and encourages entrepreneurship — in an exciting and engaging environment.

“The National Inventors Hall of Fame pays it forward through our education programs, competitions and events,” said National Inventors Hall of Fame CEO Michael Oister. “We are appreciative of Sara Blakely’s donation, specifically to support girls’ access to invention education and hands-on STEM activities. Our mission is to provide more underserved children the opportunity to experience our programs, develop their own innovative mindset, and benefit from hands-on, problem-based learning, which will boost their interest and confidence in exploring STEM fields.”

Local programs are facilitated and taught by certified local educators. Annually, Camp Invention programs benefit more than 118,000 children and partner with 2,500 schools and districts across the nation. Educators and school districts can partner with Camp Invention by visiting

Posted: June 27, 2024

Source: Sara Blakely / National Inventors Hall of Fame