Hologenix CEO And Cofounder Seth Casden Empowers Intellectual Success Inside The Company And Out

LOS ANGELES — June 14, 2023 — Seth Casden, CEO and co-founder of Hologenix®, the materials science company whose product CELLIANT® enhances textile-based products with bio-responsive properties, is not only committed to empowering his employees with intellectual success but future generations as well. The company he leads is focused on innovation and technology and funds employees in continued learning and skill development, but Casden also reaches beyond the corporate sphere to support education and exploration.

“I started my career in private equity, but my education and interests lie at the intersection of technology, sports, health and wellness. This led me to the natural blend of IR-generating minerals that would become CELLIANT and the founding of Hologenix,” Casden said. “I want future generations to be able to realize their potential, and to have a thirst for innovation and a dedication to making the world a better place.”

To date, the tech entrepreneur, industry thought leader, triathlete and world traveler has endowed a teaching chair, delivered an inspiring commencement address, provided scholarship funds and sponsored a groundbreaking expedition to the Galápagos to develop a blueprint for protecting marine ecosystems across the planet.

The Dr. William Turner Levy Endowment at his alma mater, Viewpoint School, in Calabasas, Calif., was established by Casden in 2017 and honors the late provost and longtime teacher who inspired generations for a lifetime of learning. It recognizes a faculty member every two years for their exemplary work with students. In addition to the stipend for the honorary teaching chair, the endowment provides resources for the Dr. Levy Chair to offer students a memorable experience that might not otherwise be possible. This is in keeping with Dr. Levy’s belief in the importance of going out in the world and experiencing life as he had done as an educator, author and confidant of luminaries such as Eleanor Roosevelt, T.S. Eliot and Frank Capra. Last year, Casden delivered the commencement address at Viewpoint, where he encouraged students to develop resilience and to take ownership of their happiness.

Having traveled to almost every part of the globe for athletic pursuits and business (he met a key early investor in Hologenix while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro), Casden’s commitment to environmental conservation is evidenced by his support of the international team of explorers and scientists working in the Galápagos to protect marine life.

Other causes Casden champions include Plan International USA, which supports children and young women in overcoming oppression and gender inequality, and the ASLEAD Institute, committed to developing leadership skills within family, church, community, local government and Kenya as a whole. He has also sought opportunities to travel and volunteer at charitable organizations in Sri Lanka that serve a girls’ orphanage, a special needs school and an assisted living home.

Similar to his dedication to Hologenix and bringing health and wellness benefits to people worldwide through bio-responsive textiles that emit infrared energy, Casden wants to empower the next generation with the education and skills to navigate the future and preserve the environment.

Posted: June 14, 2023

Source: Hologenix, LLC