AATCC Announces 2023 Student Chapter Award Winners

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC — May 30, 2023 — Every year, the AATCC student chapters name a graduating senior to be recognized for their academic achievement and contribution to the chapter, school, and society. This year, AATCC presented each chapter award recipient with a certificate, copy of the book Color Vision and Technology, and an official AATCC graduation cord. Awardees are also presented with one free year of AATCC membership as they begin their career journey.

This year, the following schools have decided to present a senior with this award:

  • Fashion Institute of Technology – Rebecca Dillenberger
  • NED University of Engineering and Technology – Afifa Farooq
  • Oregon State University – Becca Ziegler
  • University of Delaware – Brianna O’Doherty
  • Virginia Tech – Kristine Vivanco

Fashion Institute of Technology

Rebecca Dillenberger is a student majoring in Textile Development & Marketing department at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

She received the Global Scholar Award to study abroad in Peru in the Winter 2023 International Trade Practicum program where she will focus her field work on the sustainability and economics of the Peruvian alpaca farming industry. She also received the President’s Sustainability Grant to expand FIT’s Natural Dye Garden in May of 2022. This grant was used to support better yield and growing practices to serve the hyper-local urban environment. Rebecca was awarded the Department of Student Life Executive Board Member of the Year Award for outstanding leadership in the AATCC FIT Chapter in May of 2022 and the James I. Spiegel Dean’s Award for outstanding merit in the TDM AAS program in May of 2021.

Rebecca has been working on revitalizing the natural dye garden on FIT campus’ rooftop. She has grown and harvested 11 species to 28 different species, including native NYC and pollinator types. She has worked to make this resource accessible to over 100 students across all majors and disciplines. She has hosted dyeing workshops and tours to demonstrate the importance of connecting process with product.

She is the President of the AATCC FIT Chapter, Student Government Senator for Textile Development and Marketing and Sustainability Committee member, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council member.

NED University of Engineering and Technology

Afifa Farooq will receive a degree of BS in Textile Sciences in Aug 2023. She stands among the top three students of her class out of 70 students. In the COVID-19 break, she took online certification classes in 3D printing software at the University of Illinois and sustainable fashion at the Copenhagen Business School in addition to her academic studies. She created a sustainable bag during her internship, using denim swatches that are typically thrown away. Afifa has always taken part in extracurricular activities without letting them interfere with her academic performance. During her academic career, she also worked for the community by planting trees and collecting garbage from the vicinity of the university.

Due to Afifa’s intense passion for creative work, she started her career with the AATCC NED student chapter in her first year as a member of the creativity team. Her dedication, good writing, and communication abilities helped her get the job of Head of Content in 2022. She provided content writing services as the Head of Content for Facebook posts on the AATCC NED chapter Facebook page. She used relevant keywords to boost the articles’ visibility on the page and prepared reports for organized events. Afifa was elected as Vice President of the Chapter in 2023. During her tenure as Vice President, she contributed to the design of the AATCC NED Chapter booth at the 5th International Textile Conference. She was also phenomenal in arranging the fundraising event for the Flood Victims of Pakistan, in which PKR 30,000 were collected by selling hand-made knitted/printed articles made by the students of Textile Engineering Department, NEDUET.

Oregon State University

Becca Ziegler will receive a BS in Apparel Design with a minor in Organizational Leadership from Oregon State University. She received the AATCC Western Regional Scholarship for two years along with four other scholarships. Becca also studied Fashion Design in Florence, Italy, with the Academia Italiana study abroad program. She had a summer internship as a Design Intern at the Children’s Place and recently completed an internship as a Digital Materials Specialist with Browzwear.  She is now a marketing intern for a local digital marketing and web design agency.

Becca is currently the AATCC Student Chapter President at Oregon State.  She brings a high level of organizational skills to this position. The combination of these skills along with her ease in making students feel welcome show in officers’ meetings, fashion show planning, committee assignments, and the full calendar of activities that keep the club thriving. She represents the AATCC chapter as a student club officer at College of Business events such as career fairs, leadership conferences, and student recruitment.

Becca also volunteers with Young Life as a student leader and is planning a service trip to the Dominican Republic during spring break.

University of Delaware

Brianna O’Doherty is a student majoring in fashion merchandising and management at the University of Delaware, with a deep interest in textiles. She has consistently investigated sustainable fabrics and processes through her projects in the two foundation textile classes, achieving high grades, placing her at the top of her class. Through her Certificate of Design & Creative Making program, and its ‘From Ideas to Action’ course, Brianna gained a detailed understanding of how to build a business from the ground up, and how to take something from an idea to industry practice. She plans to use what she learned in social entrepreneurship to influence the business decisions she will make in the future, whether it will be for her own company or a company she will work for, becoming the transformational type of leader that the fashion and textile industry needs.

As the Vice President of Fashion x Textiles at the AATCC student chapter at University of Delaware, Brianna has been involved in planning and organizing several member events, such as a macrame water bottle holder workshop, a clothing swap, etc. Her optimistic energy and cheerfulness have positively impacted the growing body of new student memberships.

Virginia Tech

Kristine Vivanco has shown significant dedication and achievement in both the academic and creative facets of the Fashion Merchandising and Design Major at Virginia Tech. Apart from being the Vice President of the AATCC chapter at Virginia Tech, she has also been a Teaching Assistant in textile courses and has conducted undergraduate research on consumer behavior. Kristine has experience in designing merchandise for the university as well as social media promotion for the 2023 Virginia Tech Fashion Show. She has maintained a high GPA through her hard work and eternal love for fashion.

As Vice President of the AATCC chapter, Kristine is an avid activity coordinator and organizer who values community and meaningful leadership. She has planned and supplied materials for her chapter to execute group activities related to textiles. She has also established interpersonal connections within her chapter to maintain enthusiasm and excitement toward learning and experimenting with textiles.

AATCC connects the global textile community to empower an innovative, informed, and sustainable future. Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, AATCC has provided standards development, testing materials, educational resources, and professional networking to the global textile industry for more than a century.

Posted: May 30, 2023

Source: AATCC