ASM International Announces Milosh As COO And Scott As CIO

Milosh Ryan

MATERIALS PARK, Ohio — August 3, 2022 — Sandy Robert, executive director of ASM International, (formerly known as the American Society for Metals), is pleased to announce two key changes to the Society’s leadership structure: Ryan Milosh is being promoted to COO, and Kelvin Scott is joining ASM International as chief information officer (CIO). The new roles are effective July 16, 2022. With this change, Robert’s direct reports in addition to Milosh and Scott, will be Veronica Becker, CFO; Leslie Taylor, manager, Executive Office; and Patti Semancik, Human Resources.

As COO, Milosh will be responsible for oversight of all ASM International operations, excepting the Data Ecosystem and Information Technologies groups. As CIO, Scott will work across the organization to develop and deploy ASM’s digital strategies and information technology systems, both internal and customer-facing. Both the Data Ecosystem and Information Technologies Teams will report to Scott.

Scott Kelvin

In his most recent position, Milosh has served the organization as chief sales and marketing officer. He has a wealth of experience in understanding industry requirements, building partnerships and collaborations, and launching new products and services. Scott is joining as a full-time staff member after five years in an IT counsel role with ASM International. His background includes more than 22 years of running international consulting businesses, providing IT strategy, enterprise architecture, and program management.

Robert will continue to work with Milosh on capabilities planning for the rest of the organization with an eye to aligning the Society with its lines of business and strategic priorities, as well as maximizing its value to members and customers.

Posted: August 3, 2022

Source: ASM International