Weavetec Announces Retirement Of Long-Term Plant Manager Charles “Nubert” McDaniel

BLACKSBURG, S.C. — May 5, 2020 — Jacquard decorative fabric weaver Weavetec Inc. announced the recent retirement of long-term Plant Manager Charles “Nubert” McDaniel.  At an age where most people have been retired for decades, McDaniel has continued to invest the long hours and dedication necessary to manage a complicated manufacturing facility. We are excited that he can spend more time with his family but we will miss his wisdom, daily interaction and more than 60 years of textile manufacturing experience.

McDaniel’s contributions to Weavetec cannot be overstated. His influence extends beyond the 33-plus-years that Weavetec has existed as he was instrumental in starting the very first sample looms for original owners Harold Pennington, Sr. and Haskell Mallory months prior to Weavetec’s incorporation in 1987.

McDaniel started with Weavetec full time in 1990 and soon after began planning construction of Weavetec Plant #2 — later renamed the Charles N. McDaniel Plant in his honor — in his hometown of Blacksburg, S.C. McDaniel immersed himself in the hands-on management of his namesake plant for the next 30 years. It is estimated that in excess of 250 people have been employed at this location; contributing more than $20 Million in payroll and benefits to the local economy while producing in excess of 25 million yards of fabric. Those numbers are staggering in hindsight but Weavetec had the utmost confidence in McDaniel and his ability to nurture and grow the business to justify adding a new facility.

The numbers only tell part of the story as McDaniel had an even greater impact personally on Weavetec’s associates, customers and suppliers.  His integrity, work ethic, compassion and faith impacted everyone he encountered. McDaniel is always willing to give of himself and go above and beyond to meet every need.

The Pennington Family personally thanks McDaniel for everything he has done for our family and Weavetec. He has been invaluable to every success and supported our efforts even when times were difficult.

Posted May 7, 2020

Source: Weavetec Inc.