Simon Lancaster, Former Advanced Materials Lead At Apple, Joins Arris Composites To Unlock Future Of Consumer Products

BERKELEY, Calif. — November 22, 2019 — Arris Composites, the pioneering manufacturer of next-gen composites for mass market products, today announced the strategic hire of Simon Lancaster as head of Consumer Products. Lancaster will lead the team developing the next generation of consumer products for leading brands that will be manufactured with Arris Composites’ patent-pending Additive Molding™ Systems.

Prior to joining Arris, Lancaster spent the past 11 years at Apple, culminating in his role as Advanced Materials Lead and Product Design Architect. There he was responsible for spearheading materials and prototyping innovations to enable future generations of products. Lancaster was instrumental in the development of the 13″/15″ Macbook Pro with the touch bar, and the design of unreleased Apple products. He is a named inventor of over 40 patents, including several on the use of advanced composites for consumer electronics applications.

“I’m excited to join Arris because they have achieved the elusive capability of producing composites that meet the high-volume, high-performance needs of flagship products at some of the world’s leading companies,” said Lancaster. “As the Head of Consumer Products, I look forward to working with these leaders to make products that are smaller, stronger, stiffer, lighter – and that’s just the beginning of the conversation.”

Arris’ patent-pending Additive Molding technology combines 3D printing, industrial automation and aerospace-grade continuous fiber composites to unlock high-performance materials at scale. The Arris team is comprised of industry leaders from 3D printing, composites and conventional high-volume manufacturing, including engineers and material scientists who worked for iconic companies including Tesla, Apple, Audi, Toray, Autodesk and Siemens.

“Simon is an amazing fit for Arris due to a rare and valuable skill: he can identify what’s next in manufacturing and materials and apply those insights to stunning product designs. Simon has a combination of incredible technical depth, a bird’s-eye view of product development and the creativity to make the important connections,” said Ethan Escowitz, founder and CEO of Arris Composites. “His vision and deep expertise building the world’s most recognizable products make him the perfect person to steer our efforts and collaborate with our customers to bring high-performance composites to market.”

Posted November 22, 2019

Source: Arris Composites