Dunleary Announces Acquisition Of D. N. Lukens And D & F Distributing

BALTIMORE, Maryland — July 12, 2017 — Dunleary, Inc., a super-regional specialty chemical distribution company, has announced its new business partners and acquisitions: D. N. Lukens, Inc. and D & F Distributing, Inc. The closing date for the acquisitions is set for the end of August and is subject to customary due diligence.

The three companies cover the following chemical markets collectively: CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers), plastics, construction, food, personal care, cosmetics, graphic arts, oil & gas, rubber, textiles, and others.

Together, the companies will meld into one entity — along with a new brand identity — by late 2017. It will be one cohesive enterprise, employing the best practices of each brand. The collaborative enterprise will excel at meeting the joint needs of both its suppliers and customers.

The company’s new geography comprises 28 states utilizing 29 technically focused individuals, all of whom have direct field sales responsibilities. The sales team will attend to 4,400 buying and potential customers.

The business of specialty chemicals requires chemical suppliers to evolve to meet the critical and ever-changing demands of their customers. Specialty chemical distributors serve to bridge suppliers and their technologies with customers.

“This move enables us to collectively meet and exceed the demands of our key business partners with even greater innovation, imagination, and expertise,” said David Behan, CEO. “The best specialty chemical distributors in America have always been the small family enterprises and entrepreneurs that live and work in the same ecosystem as their customers and their families. This has been true of our companies, and we are all committed to this heritage.”

Newly hired Dirk Plas will serve as Vice President, Principal Relationships & Development. An experienced global executive with a strong track record of business growth, Plas was President and CEO of BYK USA for the past 14 years and is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive perspective to the newly expanded Dunleary organization.

The new management team will include John Lukens, COO; William Chestnutt, President; Julia Williams, EVP; Jeff Palumbo, VP Sales; Steve Hightower, CTO (Chief Technical Officer); David Behan, CEO; and as mentioned above, Dirk Plas. The company will also utilize the many skills and talents of John Behan, Julue Duplechian, and Terry DePierri.

Founded in 1949, Dunleary is one of the country’s oldest and largest specialty chemical distributors and manufacturers’ representatives. D. N. Lukens, founded in 1951, is a three-generation tradition in our industry. The D & F Distributing team began its tenure in 1975 and quickly rose to its top-tier placement in the Southwest.

Posted July 24, 2017

Source: Dunleary, Inc.