Devan Chemicals:  Announcement Of Devan-US And Kenny Parrish

RONSE, Belgium  — March 29, 2016 —  Devan Chemicals, a Belgium-based chemical and technology company, announced the addition of Devan-US to its internationally growing family. Devan-US joins the Devan group companies in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Portugal with the same focus to “Bring Textiles to Life.”  For the United States, the key market segments include bedding, transportation, apparel and home fashions.  Leading the new venture, Kenny Parrish has accepted the position as Country Manager and will be ever more present in the markets and organizations for which they belong.  John Ellis, CEO of Devan Chemicals, said: “We are very happy to have Kenny Parrish, as he has extensive experience and knowledge to not only cover the technical aspects, but to also put the correct players together to bring ‘new’ to the markets.”

Posted March 29, 2016

Source: Devan-US