Kirei Releases HyperFly Products: The HyperFly Cloud And The HyperFly Baffle Decorate Ceilings And Control Noise In Style

SAN DIEGO, CA — July 1, 2024 — Kirei, a provider of sustainable acoustic design materials, is pleased to announce the HyperFly Cloud and HyperFly Baffle, two elegant and remarkably effective sound-absorbing ceiling fixtures. Part of the Hyper Sonic Collection from Carnegie Acoustic Solutions, the recycled PET products empower designers to transform spaces through innovative design and balanced acoustics.

The new Kirei HyperFly products include:

Kirei’s HyperFly Cloud in Vanilla and Kirei Ink Pine

HyperFly Cloud: An elegant, show-stopping acoustic cloud that welcomes lighting, color pops, and print to leave an unforgettable impression from above. The cloud comes in two standard sizes. Array-NRC: 0.35-0.40.

HyperFly Baffle in Cayenne

HyperFly Baffle: A unique stunning acoustic baffle that adds visual excitement to any ceiling through texture, color, and print while working cooperatively with lighting and other essential ceiling elements. The patent pending baffle comes in three standard sizes. Array-NRC: 0.55-0.60.

Kirei’s HyperFly products are available in over 35 through-panel PET colors and can also be custom-printed with Kirei Ink, an in-house printing service offering remarkably realistic quality. Designers can seamlessly blend the natural beauty of botanicals with subtle or striking stonework from more than 50 prints across Kirei Ink’s four collections, or print any custom color, pattern, graphic, or material onto the products.

Kirei products are all made from 60% recycled post-consumer plastics so designers can be sure that every product they specify diverts plastic bottles from the waste stream. All of the products meet or exceed CDPH standards for VOCs and are Red List Free and Declare Label qualified/certified. They are inherently Class A fire-rated, carry an HPD and EPD, and qualify for LEED and WELL building credits.

Kirei’s HyperFly Clouds in Nutmeg

“Acoustics can amplify a space by creating impactful moments. Whether it is a dynamic ceiling moment of colorful clouds or dramatic uses of multiple installations that accentuate the height or length of the room, they can magnify the space and feel like an art installation. With the breadth of products and the ability to custom print on Kirei’s show-stopping PET products, there is no limit to design inspiration,” says Dana Pucillo, Vice President of Acoustic Solutions at Carnegie.

When designers specify Kirei products, they can utilize Carnegie Acoustic Design Services, a complimentary support service with an in-house team of design professionals to help curate bespoke product selections to meet project design specifications, performance needs, and budget requirements. Design Services provides sample packages tailored to project requirements and expertly executed design layouts and renderings. An acoustic consultant is also available for projects with demanding acoustic performance requirements.

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Posted: July 3, 2024

Source: Carnegie Acoustic Solutions, a division of Carnegie