Bally Ribbon Mills Offers Custom-Designed Woven Materials For Critical Rigging And Tie Down Applications

BALLY, PA — April 17, 2024 — Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), a designer, developer, and manufacturer of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics, announces the availability of a wide range of lightweight two-and three-dimensional woven materials that serve as the structure or substrate for critical rigging and tie down applications that require strength, interlaminar shear, enduring resistance, or conductivity.

Recent examples include specialized materials for load securement/stabilization equipment, chafing sleeves used for lifting and sling materials for safe load transfer at cargo control facilities, as well as webbing used to safely move chip manufacturing equipment around factories. BRM rigging and tie down webbing is also used as a sling in an actuator/drum serving as the strength tendon of a robotic arm used in a loading device being designed for a lunar habitat.

BRM custom-designs specialty applications with high strength to weight ratios, flame/heat resistance, flexibility, low elongation, and abrasion resistance. Available in widths from one to six inches, BRM rigging and tie-down materials are manufactured in such high performance fibers as Kevlar®, Vectran®, Technora®, Spectra®, and Dyneema®.

Posted: April 17, 2024

Source: Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM)