Taiwan’s Trailblazing Innovations Set A New Standard In Eco-Friendly Urban Casual Wear And Sportswear, According To Taiwan Textile Federation

TAIPEI, Taiwan — December 8, 2023 — Taiwan’s textile industry is at the forefront of research and development, capitalizing on the abundant supply of synthetic fiber raw materials and innovative weaving and dyeing technologies. This has solidified the industrial value chain and clustered advantages of functional textiles, earning the trust of numerous international brands.

During major global sport events such as the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, Taiwanese manufacturers have become the preferred clothing suppliers for many national teams. In the 2022 FIFA World Cup, for instance, Taiwan’s innovation in transforming ocean waste into high-value fibers and utilizing anti-explosion weaving technology led to the adoption of these advancements by nine national teams. This trend continued in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and UEFA European Football Championship, with a total of 16 national teams selecting these innovative jerseys.

Now, let’s delve into the highlights of five Taiwanese outdoor sports textile manufacturers:

CBright: Pioneering Smart Wearable Tech

CBright, established in 2006, specializes in intelligent wearable electronic textiles. With a focus on optical and thermal fibers, they hold numerous patents, including the groundbreaking “Intelligent Lighting Integrated System” and “Temperature Control Heating Device.” CBright is globally recognized as the first company to secure a US invention patent for “Mobile Textile Temperature Control.” (Website: https://www.CBrighttech.com)

Hwa Fune: Elevating Sustainability with Porlite® 2.0

Hwa Fune Industry Co. Ltd. prioritizes environmental sustainability in its business principles. Porlite® 2.0, an advanced and sustainable fabric of Hwa Fune, overcomes previous limitations and offers vibrant colors and versatility. Committed to eco-friendly practices, Hwa Fune aligns with standards like bluesign, OEKO-TEX, and GRS, providing international brands with enhanced and sustainable choices. (Website: https://www.hwafune.com/)

Jax Wear: Bridging Tradition and Technology

Founded in 2018, Jax Wear Co. Ltd. combines traditional textiles with cutting-edge technology to create “Made in Taiwan” functional clothing. Positioned as a fashion designer brand, they merge fashion aesthetics, smart manufacturing, and sustainability to deliver innovative sportswear and smart wearable technology. (Website: https://www.jaxweartw.com)

Tiong Liong: Driving Sustainability through Digital Intelligence

With a core value of “Realizing Earth’s Sustainable Development,” Tiong Liong offers eco-friendly materials like ARIAPRENE® and MARINYLON®. These materials, made from recycled sources, align with circular economy concepts as well as promote resource utilization. (Website: TLC: https://www.tiongliong.com/ ; ARIAPRENE®: https://ariaprene.com/)

WidePlus: Innovating Eco-functional Fabric

WidePlus International Co., Ltd., positions themselves as the “New Textile Industry,” emphasizing sustainable development. Their lightweight and durable ultra-high waterproof and breathable fabrics have gained recognition from top outdoor sports brands globally. (Website: https://WidePlustex.com/)

Taiwan Textiles- Your Sustainable Innovation Partner

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Posted: December 11, 2023

Source: Taiwan Textiles