Precision Textiles Introduces “NoSo FR Sock” Revolutionizing Efficiency In Mattress Manufacturing Process

FAIRFIELD, N.J. — October 2, 2023 — As part of its ongoing mission to develop products that offer its customers the advantages they need to stay ahead of their competition, Precision Textiles has announced the development of a new and innovative product that speeds up the manufacturing process. Called the IQ Fit Glass Free NOSO Sock, the product is designed to reduce manufacturing cost, double production throughput and eliminate the need for sewing, thereby drastically increasing efficiencies in the mattress manufacturing process.

This patent pending product comes at a pivotal moment for the manufacturing sector as companies look to increase production capacity while reducing cost. Precision Textile’s IQ Fit Glass Free NOSO Sock addresses these challenges head-on, enabling manufacturers to expand production capacity through an ease of application design and a reduction in machinery maintenance down time.

Scott Tesser, CEO of Precisions Textiles

“As it often happens, several of our clients came to us with a challenge they were experiencing with their application and production process and asked us to evaluate their processes to offer them a solution,” said Scott Tesser, CEO of Precision Textiles. “Not only did our team of experts come up with a solution, but in the process developed a unique product that modifies the assembly process by helping to reduce costs, exponentially increasing throughput and eliminating the need for traditional sewing, stapling, or gluing techniques. It is truly a testament to the dedication and support we provide our customers and the industry.”

The patent-pending IQ Fit Glass Free NOSO Sock represents a forward step in textile manufacturing technology offering a game-changing solution that optimizes both cost and time. By sidestepping the intricate and time-consuming sewing process, manufacturers can experience increased efficiencies in their facilities. The innovation not only accelerates production timelines but also enhances overall production capacity with a reduction in manufacturing and maintenance expenses.

The IQ Fit Glass Free NOSO Sock is made using the same materials as the company’s number one selling component product — IQFIT Glass Free material — a 100-percent glass-free FR, chemical free material made with inherent cellulosic fiber that provides maximum FR protection with high char strength. The product is easy to apply and certified under the United States Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred® program, which aligns with consumer and market sustainability trends. It is also eco-friendly, which underscores Precision Textiles’ commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Bob O’Connell, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising

Speaking about the product development teams’ accomplishment, Bob O’Connell, executive vice president of marketing and merchandising, said: “Precision Textiles continues to redefine industry standards by introducing solutions that not only address regulatory requirements but also cater to our customer needs setting a new benchmark for excellence in mattress safety. Our team is second to none and consistently delivers solutions that meet our customer’s needs.”

Posted: October 2, 2023

Source: Precision Textiles