Loomia’s Webinar Week Aims To Educate The Masses On E-Textiles

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — August 31, 2023 — Loomia Technologies has developed a series of two inspirational webinars that will educate attendees on eco-conscious innovation and the power of flexible electronics.

The first webinar in the series, Going Green: Calculating the Carbon Footprint of the LEL, will dive into the carbon footprint of Loomia’s patented technology, and help participants gain a deeper understanding of how the LEL technology aligns with global sustainability goals. This webinar will also touch on a plan for the industry to move towards an entirely planet-friendly and eco-conscious innovation landscape — without sacrificing quality and performance.

The second webinar, Bend, Connect and Innovate: Real World Applications of Flexible Electronics, will touch on the impact and importance of flexible electronics in our everyday lives. From smart textiles and wearable devices to cutting-edge innovations in automotive, healthcare, and more, this webinar will uncover how flexible electronics are revolutionizing industries and enhancing user experiences.

Speaking on the event, Loomia’s founder Madison Maxey, said: “This is not just an event for engineers and designers, but those individuals who may not know much about this technology and its impact on their lives. They know they can heat their car seat, and they know their smartwatch can track their heartrate; but do they know what powers these features? There’s a good chance it is flexible electronics like a flex PCB or other component. We want them to know just how integral this technology is to future innovation.

Additionally, we want engineers and designers to consider robust e-textiles for their designs. In some cases, e-textiles are more cost-effective than the other options available for heating, lighting, and sensing.”

Educate and inspire; those are Loomia’s goals for Webinar Week.

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Posted September 5, 2023

Source: Loomia