Loomia And Mississippi State University Team Up On A Motion Capture Wearable

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — July 13, 2023 — Loomia Technologies is working with researchers at Mississippi State University to further advance the team’s innovative wearable motion capture system. The Athlete Engineering research group at MSU has worked for several years to develop, refine and patent a sock outfitted with sensors that can capture advanced movement and pressure data–which can then be used to improve performance in prevent injury in sports, military, industrial and rehabilitation settings.

Loomia is working with the research team to further refine the prototype so it can be produced on a large scale when it hits the market.

This prototype can find ankle joint angles, center of pressure, and heel-strike and toe-off–without the need for cameras. “I am so excited to see the next phase of our vision come to life. My team has shown in the lab that our products can work, and Loomia is bringing them to life in an amazing new way,” says Erin Parker, a graduate research assistant at MSU who is leading the project.

The project is a big step forward in athletic wearables as it gives users information from movement; without the need for a large motion capture system that is typically confined to a lab or other physical space. When asked about the project, Loomia’s founder Madison Maxey had this to say: “Our mission at Loomia is to help engineers and designers make impossible products possible. We are excited to make progress towards this vision by working with Mississippi State to productize their idea for making foot tracking possible without cameras. Engineering teams like our colleagues at Mississippi State are leading the way for wearable technology, so it is a pleasure to provide a component for their work.”

Looking to the future, this technology could be used for monitoring and preventing athlete injuries — creating better outcomes and quicker recovery times. This is only the beginning of what the technology could do.

Posted: July 13, 2023

Source: Loomia Technologies