Freudenberg Introduces Next Generation Sustainable Carpet Backings

WEINHEIM, Germany — April 18, 2023 — Freudenberg Performance Materials has announced the launch of the next generation range of sustainable carpet backing products for the flooring industry. Next generation sustainable backings support customers in their transition towards producing more sustainable carpets. The range is introduced as Colback ECO and Lutradur ECO and is part of the Freudenberg portfolio of high-performance spunbond nonwoven technical textiles.

“Like many other industries, the flooring industry faces challenges to reduce the environmental impact of their products,” said Michaela Reuter, senior vice president and general manager, Regional Business Unit Carpet, Filtration & Shoes EMEA at Freudenberg. “Carpet manufacturers approach this challenge in multiple ways: reducing carbon footprint, increasing recycled content, and improving recyclability are key trends. As a long-term partner, we work closely with our customers to support their journey.”

Reduced CO2 footprint

Freudenberg follows a less is more principle: the best raw materials are the materials that are not needed at all. For the ECO product range, Freudenberg R&D teams developed a solution to save raw materials in their carpet backings. Freudenberg redefined its proprietary yarn production technology allowing for extremely thin filaments with a diameter up to 30% smaller than the standard portfolio for carpet backings.

“The sustainability benefits are twofold,” said Dr. Birger Lange, director R&D Regional Business Unit Carpet, Filtration & Shoes EMEA. “The thin filaments enable us to save raw materials right from the start, which results in backings with a lower carbon footprint. This will help our customers to make their products more sustainable. At the same time, the new backing can contribute to better recyclability of the carpet at the end of its life cycle because its lower PET content benefits certain recycling processes.”

The ECO product range is particularly suitable for carpet tiles and is produced in Europe. The new thin yarn technology is one of Freudenberg’s sustainable initiatives benefiting the carpet industry. Other developments supporting sustainability include backings with a high recycled content and backings using alternative approaches to facilitate carpet recyclability. They will extend the ECO portfolio in the future.

ECO-CHECK label 

The currently launched thin yarn ECO-backings have been awarded the ECO-CHECK label. Freudenberg introduced this label in early 2021 to identify particularly sustainable products within its portfolio. The label helps customers to identify sustainable products quickly and clearly. Freudenberg products bearing the ECO-CHECK label meet demanding criteria in at least one of four categories: saving resources, eco-efficiency for customers, reduced environmental impact at the end of the product’s life, or extended durability.

Posted April 18, 2023

Source: Freudenberg Performance Materials