Technology To Protect Technology — TenCate Advanced Armor USA Offers Armored Optronics Casings In The United States

VIENNA, Va. — Febraury 1, 2023 — TenCate Advanced Armor USA Inc. is introducing the company’s armored optronics casings to United States military and law-enforcement customers.

These composite sheaths protect sensitive electronic equipment such as advanced optical imaging, thermal imaging and other sensors that are mounted on land, water and aircraft vehicles for the purpose of detecting emerging threats and observing operating conditions. The casings shield sensing technologies from bullets, explosions, shock, impact, weather, dust, humidity and other environmental threats.

Optronic systems are designed to protect high-value platforms, such as tanks, tactical vehicles, helicopters and other platforms equipped with technologies such as long-range Detection Recognition Identification (DRI) systems. Increasingly, military commands and advanced law enforcement units are relying on remote optronics to provide surveillance and sighting technologies that can locate, observe, track and engage targets without necessarily placing personnel in the line of fire.

“TenCate’s armor optronics casings have proven their performance on multiple platforms in Europe, and we’re now introducing these solutions in the United States,” said Andrew Bonham, president of TenCate Advanced Armor USA.

TenCate optronics casings are made from advanced composites customized to meet both the customer’s shape and form requirements as well as their ballistic and blast performance specifications.

“By combining decades of technical know-how and a range of advanced materials, TenCate has become recognized for outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, durability as well as resistance to impact, penetration and ballistic threats,” said Chief Commercial Officer David Cordova.

“Building on our strong reputation in America for personal protection ballistic plates, we’re offering additional survivability capabilities for air, land and water vehicles used by our U.S. military and tactical law enforcement customers,” Cordova added. “With optronics armor, we are safeguarding operational surveillance technologies that ensure personnel survivability and mission effectiveness,” he concluded.

Posted: February 1, 2023

Source: TenCate Advanced Armor USA Inc.