Chargeurs PCC Announces It Will Distribute KC Wearable Technologies Globally

PARIS — December 20, 2022 — Chargeurs PCC, an apparel interlinings manufacturer, announced that it will distribute wearable technology components made by KC Wearable Technologies globally to the clothing industry and fashion retailers. The global distribution agreement will make it possible for brands eager to differentiate themselves to offer customers new state-of-the-art fashion technologies that provide heating and cooling properties, antibacterial protection, wireless charging capabilities and other benefits.

“Market demand for high-performance garments that incorporate innovative technology components continues to grow worldwide,” said Gianluca Tanzi, CEO of Chargeurs PCC. “Consumers are looking for materials that enhance comfort, while providing thermal regulation and technical capabilities. We’re extremely pleased to distribute KC Wearable Technologies products globally to help retailers and brands differentiate themselves by producing garments that offer a wide range of innovative functions and capabilities.”

“The overproduction of cheap clothing has dragged the industry down for decades and is no longer sustainable,” said Dominik Kufner, CEO of KC Wearable Technologies. “It is time to create higher-value and longer-lasting products. A smart way to do this is with convenient new functions that are appreciated by consumers.”

“In the future, we will see jackets, bags and wallets that will wirelessly recharge smartphones along with outerwear garments that will warm or cool the body electrically,” added Sofia Cinel, managing partner at KC Wearable Technologies. “We have created a vast array of new possibilities and we cannot wait to bring them to market through this new partnership with Chargeurs PCC.”

Posted December 20, 2022

Source: Chargeurs PCC