American Tent Introduces the Renegade Series: The World’s First Fully-Recyclable Tent

GREEN BAY, Wis.  — November 9, 2022 — Commercial tent manufacturer American Tent has introduced the Renegade Series, the first fully-recyclable tent at MATRA’s Tent Show, November 7-10 in Greenville, S.C. The Renegade Series features polypropylene-based fabrics that are an alternative to the PVC-coated fabrics that dominate the marketplace; they’re also fully-recyclable, low carbon, and lighter weight. The Renegade Series is ideal for corporations looking to meet sustainability initiatives and those that are committed to improving the health of our people and planet.

“Being in the rental business, we became familiar with the tent lifecycle. We use them  and then we throw them away because they can’t be upcycled,” said American Tent’s CEO Tony Ehrbar. “PVC has forever chemicals and PVC-coated fabrics can’t be recycled. We knew we had to come up with an alternative and step into our role as renegades to evolve our industry for the better.”

The Renegade Series’ tents are lighter weight than their counterparts and are more UV stable given the fact that they don’t use plasticizers, which leach out over time and remove UV protectants from the fabric. The fabrics used in this evolutionary series have withstood five years of intense heat in the Australian desert with no cracking or color fade.

The Renegade Series features a frame style tent with aluminum and steel structure. The fabric directly mimics the fabrics used in American Tent’s direct tenting applications, and is fully recyclable when cut from its metal clips. The Renegade Series will soon include fully-recyclable tarps, drop cloths, sidewall curtains, and other product line extensions that promise to make our world a more sustainable place, one yard of fabric at a time.

The Renegade Series decreases the amount of plastic dumped into landfills; its fabrics also serve as a safer alternative for people who stand in its midst. Renegade Plastics produces its polypropylene-based fabrics without heavy metals, dioxins, and phthalates, which are commonly used in manufacturing PVC fabrics.

American Tent will offer discounts on Renegade Series orders at the MATRA trade show, honoring the same price as its Atrium frame tent series.

Posted: November 9, 2022

Source: Renegade Plastics