Alkegen Launching Trio Of New High Efficiency Filtration Products For Air, Liquid And Molecular Applications

IRVING, Texas — September 30, 2022 — Alkegen, a specialty materials platform that provides high performance materials used in advanced applications, announced they will be launching three new High Efficiency Filtration (HEF) products during their exhibition at the upcoming World Filtration Congress in San Diego, Calif. These are the first new filtration products launched under the Alkegen brand name since the merger of Lydall and Unifrax last October.

“This trio of HEF media — one for air, one for liquid, one for molecular applications — represents the first wave of advanced materials developed and released under our new Alkegen filtration product development team. These launches combine Lydall’s well-known filtration and manufacturing expertise with Unifrax’s proven, rapid innovation capabilities,” said Paul Vallis, President of the Filtration & Catalysis Group. “This is the first of many innovations we expect to deliver as our portfolio evolves to meet the continuous demand for ever-higher efficiency and reduced energy consumption.”


Alkegen’s new air filtration media, TriboStatiX™, is a MERV 13 high performance pleat media manufactured on a new best-in-class asset. The media provides lower initial resistance, reducing the amount of energy required in the HVAC unit and lowering overall operating costs. TriboStatiX improves indoor air quality through consistent filtration performance and high dirt holding capacity, providing longer service life and reduced energy demand.

“With TriboStatiX, customers can expect high performance with longer service life,” said John Albert Global Growth Leader. “This means changing out filters less frequently for a more sustainable solution.”

LyPore® MB

Alkegen’s new line of meltblown liquid filtration media, LyPore® MB, is designed to meet the most critical application requirements, while providing high filtration efficiency, low-pressure drop and excellent dirt holding capacity. Available in Polypropylene and PBT, single layer or composite and calendered to meet the most complex liquid filtration challenges. Chosen for such applications as food and beverage and lube oil, incorporating Lypore MB into your filter design improves filtration efficiency and extends filter life resulting in a higher performing finished filter and lower total cost for the end user.

“In addition to our expanded portfolio of available grades, our talented research and development team routinely customizes LyPore MB to meet specific customer needs,” said Aaron Frost, Growth Leader.

LydAir® GP

Alkegen’s new molecular filtration media, LydAir GP, offer superior performance with expanded capabilities. State of the art manufacturing facilitates exceptional uniformity and layering of a wide range of functional adsorbents including activated carbon and ion exchange resins. Additionally particulate filter media can be laminated in line providing a combination media for both molecular and particle filtration. LydAir GP offers 20%-30% better performance per specific gram of media, which results in higher efficiency and product performance that can be engineered to meet specific application demands.

Behzan Shoar, platform manager, will be presenting the Multi-sorbent Gas Absorption Media, LydAir GP at the World Filtration Congress on Saturday, October 8, 2022.

Alkegen’s Filtration Experts will be available to discuss these innovative materials and more during the World Filtration Congress in San Diego, Calif., October 5-8, in booth #101.

Posted: September 30, 2022

Source: Alkegen