Verdex Technologies Poised To Disrupt The Nonwovens Industry After Securing Funding To Scale Its Proprietary Nanofiber Technology

NORTH CHESTERFIELD, Va. — March 7, 2022 — Verdex reports it has secured financing to scale its proprietary nanofiber technology. The investment, lead by SOSV, an international venture capital firm which has invested $3.9 million to date, will fund the completion of a commercial manufacturing unit located in Richmond, Va. This investment follows ten years of customer validation from top-tier nonwoven companies, critical R&D, and patent filings, resulting in a unique functionalized production technology that is capable of producing a wide range of advanced nanofiber products.

Verdex was founded by Dr. Larry Marshall in 2010. Dr. Marshall who spent his career at DuPont developing and commercializing Tyvek®. Verdex uses a proprietary solvent-free process using only low heated air to produce its nanofiber media.

“One of the most unique abilities in The Verdex Process® is our ability to customize and functionalize our nanofibers,” said Damien Deehan co-CEO at Verdex. “This allows Verdex to incorporate particles into the fiber matrix to target specific challenges and problems in multiple industries to create game-changing products.”

As Verdex looks for a disruptive product to go-to-market, Verdex has concentrated all its efforts in developing a first in class HVAC/HEPA media and product that Verdex believes will be a game-changer for the industry. Unlike current HVAC media which lacks the ability to capture viruses/submicron particles, Verdex’s patented process provides a 3D nanofiber media which combines high submicron particle capture.

Verdex is actively looking for leaders in their respective industries, who are interested in purchasing nanofiber media and integrating this patented technology into their own products to create higher value products that command high value in the market place.

Posted: March 7, 2022

Source: Verdex Technologies