Sandler AG Launches bluefiber Acoustics Brand Made Using 100-Percent Polyester

SCHWARZENBACK AN DER SAALE, Germany — March 15, 2022 — Well thought out, ready to use and durable: bluefiber stands for Sandler acoustics solutions with true innovation. The new brand for efficient sound insulation in numerous acoustics applications.

Open-plan interior design in living as well as working spaces brings us closer together, promotes active exchange and shared creativity. To ensure that the background noise does not take over during the hectic workday and that concentrating on the task at hand is possible, efficient acoustics solutions are needed. Wall or ceiling elements, partitions, acoustically absorptive objects — the possibilities are as versatile as the people benefitting from them.

bluefiber acoustics brand combines a wide range of acoustically highly efficient materials — polyester-based high-tech made in Germany. Owing to their excellent sound absorption properties the lightweight textile materials offer an ideal basis for individual interior design concepts, creating a pleasant living space. Self-supporting panels and pads in different thicknesses, performance types and color versions; flexible roll goods, optimally adaptable to component contours; or custom-made solutions for each specific application: bluefiber products are ready to use, combining function and design.

bluefiber also stands for responsibility and transparency in all areas. 100-percent single-polymer and therefore fully recyclable at the end of their service life, these high-tech products themselves are largely made from recycled PET bottles.

Performance – Design – Responsibility. bluefiber – a brand of Sandler

Posted March 15, 2022

Source: Sandler AG