Piana Technology Achieves Zero Discharge Certification For E.C.O. Planet Facility

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — February 7, 2022 — Piana Technology, the 439-year-old textile company known for innovations within the fiber and nonwovens textiles markets, has achieved a Zero Discharge certificate for its closed-loop flame retardant (FR) treatment process. The certification comes after the company’s announcement of E/SMART™, its high-performance nonwoven fiber technology named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree.

The company’s E.C.O. Planet facility in Cartersville, Ga., treats an estimated 20 million pounds of recycled material every year. The fibers enter the patented closed-loop system to be treated with formaldehyde-free FR chemistry, without any solution leaving the system.

Piana Technology partnered with SCS Global Services to validate its claim that the FR treatment process, from chemistry preparation to wet processing, has no chemical outflow into the environment. This validation shows that their claim is backed by clear evidence as determined by SCS; the third-party certification body has thoroughly reviewed company documents involving process flows and maintenance policies, as well as conducted a facility audit to visually inspect operations.

“As a textile company, we have a huge responsibility over the impacts we have on our surroundings. Our Zero Discharge achievement shows our conscious choice to consider ourselves within the broader environment context, one which minds the health and safety of both people and the planet,” said a spokesman at Piana Technology. “We will use this as a stepping stone into more positive choices across our business and industry as a whole.”

The pattern of irresponsible disposal of effluent into waterways by some textile manufactures is all too common. As such, there is an increasing demand for significant change in the industry from companies that can make a difference. The E.C.O. Planet facility at Piana Technology continually seeks to address those concerns through their zero discharge processes.

Posted: February 8, 2022

Source: Piana Technology