ProTEC-USA Announces Expanded Medical Gown Manufacturing Capabilities  

TROY, Mich. — July 14, 2021 — ProTEC-USA has announced the debut of a new, state of the art production work cell equipment that will expand and enhance its capacity to produce EZDoff medical gowns for healthcare and other critical industries.

A subsidiary of Troy, Mich.-based Cadillac Products Inc., in-house extrusion, film converting and gown manufacturing capabilities from the company’s Michigan-based facilities in the USA allow ProTEC-USA to serve as a strategic, domestic supply chain partner, to deliveringing high-quality gowns to buyers and purchasers with volume-level pricing.

“COVID-19 exacerbated market demands that were already growing prior to the pandemic,” said Don Lowe, Spokesperson, ProTEC-USA. “This investment from the company in upgrades and enhancements to production lines and equipment will boost our capacity from approximately 92,000 EZDoff gowns per week to nearly 300,000 gowns pery in order week.” in order to better meet demand.

The new, proprietary work cell was completely designed and built in-house, addressing all the needs for optimal cost and quality control. quality control and optimal cost. These new gowns will come be available in three color options — blue, yellow or white — and have options for AAMI PB70 will also be available with level 1, 2 or 3 compliance, based on the depth of protective needs of the user.

“EZDoff gowns are designed to not only maintain effectiveness and mitigate potential self-contamination, but also to be mindful of the manner in which the gowns are donned and doffed in sequence with other PPE,” said Lowe. “Without touching the outside surface of the EZDoff gown to remove it, the wearer is protected against consequential contamination.”

EZDoff gowns offer several features and benefits for wearers, including:

  • Perforated rear yoke for safe, easy doffing of medical gowns;
  • Sleeve with thumb loop for full arm and wrist protection, simultaneous glove donning;
  • Apron closure to maintain the user’s coolness during work performance; and
  • Compliance with all AAMI and FDA specifications and requirements.

Posted July 20, 2021

Source: ProTEC-USA