Myant’s Skiin Connected Underwear Family Of Products Receives Health Canada Clearance To Revolutionize Healthcare

TORONTO — July 20, 2021 — Myant Inc. has announced today that it has secured Health Canada clearance for its biosensing Skiin Underwear. This Class II medical device clearance allows garment wearers to reliably and continuously monitor their ECG data. Additionally, wearers can track other metrics, including heart rate, HRV, core body temperature, with more to come such as sleep and location.

Available in a number of comfortable and accessible form factors, Skiin Underwear family of products (which is currently also pending FDA clearance) will revolutionize Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) through passive, continuous connection and data collection. Myant believes Skiin will support patients, their loved ones, and their practitioners in the shift towards more personalized care, especially in vulnerable communities like the aging population.

“Cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death in the elderly population in North America,” said Tony Cahine, Myant & Skiin CEO, “with cognitive decline attributed to loneliness on the rise. Though Myant’s vision is vast, we have adopted a laser focus on solving this looming challenge.”

Today’s healthcare system operates on episodic and reactive care — instead of continuous and preventative care — patient self-reporting, and disjointed support from a patient’s care circle.

“I believe that Skiin will help patients overcome existing deterrents and barriers to adequate healthcare, helping serve our most marginalized populations by connecting them to care, to their family, friends, care providers, and practitioners,” commented Myant’s executive vice president Ilaria Varoli.

“Today’s healthcare system relies on events and episodic data, patient self-reporting, and disjointed support from a patient’s care circle,” Chahine said. “We believe that without holistic and continuously connected care, our marginalized and vulnerable communities like our aging population will continue to be underserved and at risk of lower efficacy in medication and rehabilitation program adherence.”

Skiin will be commercially available to the general public later this year. Posted July 20, 2021

Source: Myant Inc.