Haartz And The Frozen Lexus LC Convertible

ACTON, Mass. — July 19, 2021 — To demonstrate the resilience of the Lexus LC Convertible under extreme weather conditions, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) recently froze the vehicle at -18°C (-40°F). While in deep freeze at the Millbrook Cold Weather Chamber, the convertible was outfitted with a high-performance Sonnenland A5B/DS soft top material from Haartz that shielded its interior components for 12 hours. In the past, this type of protection was normally only offered by coupes and hardtops.

Manufactured using aspects like a fabric laminate and enhanced 3-ply topping, the Sonnenland A5B/DS material from Haartz demonstrates the latest innovation in textile and laminate manufacturing. This successful test with Lexus shows that automotive materials, like those manufactured by Haartz can provide the protection of a hardtop without sacrificing the comfort and feel of a soft top convertible.

“Haartz has always committed itself to providing the highest quality soft top material for convertible owners on the market,” stated Matthew Williams, vice president, global automotive exteriors & new markets for Haartz. “This test from Toyota Motor Europe and Lexus shows that by using the latest innovations in textile manufacturing, soft tops can provide just as much protection for your vehicle against the elements as a traditional hardtop cover would.”

With technology ever-progressing, Haartz can detail the innovative process of manufacturing the Sonnenland A5B/DS material and other plastic and textile products currently under development. To date, Haartz remains a world leader in highly engineered and uniquely designed convertible toppings, flexible interior trim and interior surface materials.

Posted July 23, 2021

Source: The Haartz Corporation (Haartz)