TSI Launches New 8150 In-Line Production Automated Filter Tester

SHOREVIEW, Minn. — May 3, 2021 — TSI Inc. is excited to announce the launch of the newest automated filter tester, the model 8150. This innovative filter tester meets the high demand for quality assurance of respirator filters and cartridges such as P100 and FFP3.

The model 8150 is a compact automated filter tester that can be easily retrofitted into any existing production line. It utilizes much of the same technologies as in the model 8130A and provides matching results, while being optimized for high-volume throughput and 24/7 remote operation.

Taking high performance from the lab to the production line

“We know that high testing speed and reliable results are important for in-line production testing,” said Jürgen Spielvogel, senior global product manager at TSI.  “The 8150 will ensure that each of your respiratory filters complies with standards such as US 42 CFR 84, GB2626, and EN143/EN149.”

8150 and TSI filter testing legacy

TSI’s Automated Filter Testers have been used in quality control and manufacturing for more than 35 years. The 8150 is an evolution of the 8130A further optimized for performance and robustness. Two simultaneously measuring photometers — upstream and downstream of the filter — eliminate measurement uncertainties due to changing aerosol concentrations. The 8150 operates through a PLC driven interface and contains a comprehensive set of internal diagnostics for you to know the tester operates correctly.

Posted May 3, 2021

Source: TSI Incorporated