Global Protective Gear Creates Innovative Fabric To Combat Isolation Gown Shortages

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — April 23, 2020 — Global Protective Gear has created an innovative fabric to help solve the current isolation gown shortage. With the surge in demand for gowns during the current coronavirus pandemic the traditional supply chain has not been able to keep up. The primary raw material used to create gowns is a nonwoven fabric that is currently in short supply.

To solve this raw material and gown shortage Global Protective Gear is now manufacturing AAMI Level 1 and Level 2 isolation gowns by using an alternative textile. Global Protective Gear has taken a lightweight 100-percent polyester and then applied a polyurethane coating which results in a waterproof equivalent. And now the company is supplying 1 million isolation gowns per week to hospitals and medical facilities around the globe for use in low risk situations.

“We were not going to let a nonwoven shortage get in the way of providing a workable isolation gown in this time of extreme need,” said Gregory Lilien, CEO, about the new product.

And since the new product is based on an actual fabric, the gowns can actually be washed and reused 5 to 10 times. While some users will be required to dispose after each use, in some lower risk situations the gowns can be washed and reused multiple times helping minimize costs further. The current market price for an isolation gown is a staggering $7-15 per piece. In certain lower risk situations, the Global Protective Gear gown can be reused multiple times bringing the cost below $1 per use. This is a step in the right direction to help ease the current choke on the medical product supply chain.

Global Protective Gear is also currently building a new facility to begin production of AAMI Level 3 and 4 gowns for June 2020.

Posted April 23, 2020

Source: Global Protective Gear