ANDRITZ To Supply A Turnkey Spunlace Line To BCNonwovens, Spain

GRAZ, Austria — March 20, 2020 — International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from BCNonwovens, Spain, to supply a neXline spunlace line as a turnkey project to meet growing needs from customers globally. The line is scheduled for start-up early in 2021.

This new state-of-the-art line will help BCNonwovens to better serve its customers and position the company for current and changing requirements in the marketplace.

“The choice of spunlace line supplier was based on a thorough evaluation of the technologies available on the market. The combination of Andritz process engineers’ expertise and our in-depth market knowledge has enabled us to define the appropriate line configuration for current and future market needs. The fully equipped Andritz spunlace pilot line and expertise have played a key role in the order being awarded to Andritz,” said Marko Rajamaa, general manager of BCNonwovens.

The line features the best-in-class technologies available on the market and will be installed in a dedicated new building, meeting the highest hygiene and environmental standards. Due to its versatility, it will enable BCNonwovens to widen its product portfolio and process a broad range of raw materials, including sustainable fibers.

This line will also be equipped with Andritz’s self-developed Metris UX platform, enabling predictive maintenance based on Andritz’s new Vibe sensors and the risk-based maintenance app. It will improve the line’s efficiency by reducing downtime and thus help BCNonwovens to achieve its strategic objectives in terms of quality and sustainability. “With its wide range of applications, Metris will assist us in our operating activities, and we can already envisage a wide range of new possible developments with this extremely powerful Andritz tool,” said Rafael Dufour, strategy and business development director of BCNonwovens.

Over the past few years, the Andritz service team has supported BCNonwovens’ continuous improvement initiatives to push performance to new levels.

Miguel Vinas Pich, CEO of BCNonwovens, said: “Andritz has been a major partner for almost two decades. This new line will be an essential investment to help our customers achieve growth and serve demanding markets.”

Posted March 20, 2020