Koch Membrane Systems Acquires Ion Exchange Company Eco-Tec Inc., Changes Name To Koch Separation Solutions

WILMINGTON, Mass.— November 4, 2019 — Koch Membrane Systems, a global supplier in the development and manufacture of membrane filtration technology, is expanding its existing capabilities to offer innovative ion exchange-based solutions with the addition of Eco-Tec, Inc., a leading ion exchange systems manufacturer. The addition of Eco-Tec is part of a total transformation, which will allow it to provide full-scale separation solutions to its customers. As part of that total transformation, the company will now operate under the name Koch Separation Solutions (KSS).

“We are excited to add Eco-Tec to Koch Separation Solutions as we seek to expand the capabilities and the solutions we offer to our customers,” said Manny Singh, president of KSS. “We constantly strive to create the greatest value for our customers and the ability to offer full separation solutions through these added ion exchange capabilities will do just that.”

Eco-Tec is a leader in providing ion exchange-based and other process technology solutions for a wide range of industries, including chemical recovery and purification, hydrometallurgy, electroplating, biogas treatment, produced water, and amine purification. Membrane and ion exchange technology are complementary to each other and the synergy between each technology occurs over a variety of business verticals important to KSS’s customers, such as juice debittering and pulp removal, separating protein from whey or milk and recovering lactoferrin, properly regenerating and recovering caustic soda, and successfully addressing the problem of suspended solids and organics removal in water filtration. By utilizing KSS’s and Eco-Tec’s market knowledge and competitive advantages in these areas, KSS can better tailor optimal solutions for its customers’ separation needs.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done over the last 50 years and I’m thrilled that Eco-Tec will be joining KSS and the Koch Industries family,” said Dr. Phillip “Rocky” Simmons, P.Eng., FCAE, chairman, Eco-Tec, Inc. “Eco-Tec is in capable hands at KSS, and this new and exciting chapter positions both Eco-Tec and KSS for continued growth and success.”

Glenn Towe, P. Eng., president and CEO of Eco-Tec Inc., added: “Eco-Tec has been a proven leader in ion exchange technology for decades and joining KSS is testament to our hard work and innovative vision. We look forward to being part of the KSS team, leading Eco-Tec in pursuit of KSS’s vision, and working with them to provide our customers with unparalleled full separation solutions as their preferred partner.”

Posted November 4, 2019

Source: Koch Separation Solutions