Miller Weldmaster Launches Two New Tapes For Welding Acrylic Material

NAVARRE, Ohio — August 27, 2019 — Miller Weldmaster has again reiterated its goal of addressing all weld industrial fabrics needs efficiently and reliably with the recent launch of two new products — the Fabric Bond Tape and Fabric Bond FR tape. The newly launched Fabric Bond Tape is to serve as a replacement for the old SS71 and uniseam tape. The Fabric Bond FR tape is a newly developed tape to use on FR materials only. FR fabrics are used for specific requirements, and the Fabric Bond FR tape meets those requirements of the FR materials. Miller Weldmaster’s goal is to continue to provide its customers across the globe the best solutions specific to their product.

The Fabric Bond Tape uses the best in bonding technology to create clean seams while supporting the three principles of welding success — heat, speed, and pressure. Further, the polyurethane-based welding tape can be used for several purposes including heating seal seams with Impulse, Hot Wedge, or Hot Air welding equipment. The tape can be used with vinyl, polyester, and acrylic fabrics, creating smooth, watertight seams and eliminating the need for thread matching.

The Fabric Bond FR Tape, on the other hand, is designed for use with fire-retardant fabrics only. The white fabric bond tape like its other counterpart also uses top bonding technology to create clean, watertight seams and removes the need for thread matching. It also supports the three principles of welding, which are heat, speed, and pressure. The 7/8 inch tape is great for the industrial awning or marine projects and can be used with Hot Wedge, Impulse, or Hot Air welding equipment.

The two tapes are most commonly used when welding awnings and marine products such as acrylics. The tape is fed between the two pieces of material, creating a perfectly welded seam. No sewing experience required with this technology and specially designed tape.

You can purchase both types of tape on Trivantage’s website, who Miller Weldmaster has partnered with to be the sole distributor of the product. More information about the new tapes and their differences can be found on, plus there are videos teaching you how to properly set up the Fabric Bond tape on your machine when welding.

More information about Miller Weldmaster and the innovative industrial fabric welding solutions offered can be found on their website.

Posted August 27, 2019

Source: Miller Weldmaster