Filidea Produces Exclusively For Sparco The Fire Resistant Yarns Metamicro, Used For The Premium Range Of Racing Suits For Formula 1 And The World Rally Championship

TURKEY — May 22, 2019 — The last frontier of innovation in racing suits made with yarns in Metamicro is the model Prime SP-16+, designed in collaboration with the Team McLaren Honda F.1

The spinning mill Filidea, joint venture between Marchi & Fildi spa and Abalıoğlu Holding A.Ş specialized in technical and high performance yarns with natural and man-made fibers, is parnter of Sparco, italian Company leader for the production of automotive components and technical apparels for the most important world Championships.

The cooperation between the two companies located in Piedmont, northern Italy, is focused on the supply of yarns with Metamicro in an exclusive composition, that are used for the production of the racing suits Sparco of the Premium range for Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship.
 The fire resistant yarn Metamicro based on aramidic fibers are a product of the latest generation, for their production it is necessary a special spinning line. The production is following the strict Sparco standards. Sparco controls all the production chain of racing suits, from Filidea, who has the competence to dye all the yarns with aramidic fibers in its own dyeing plant, to the woven fabric, produced and dyed in its own plant, to the woven fabric made by the italian company TAT, till the production of garments. The process is always improved and tested.

Metamicro yarns are made by an high performance spinning process. They are used for the production of fire resistant fabrics, that make a protection barrier for the body against flames and high temperature. The very fine micronage allows the production of very light fabrics with thick texture, the perfect base for light and comfortable suits. These features assure easier movements to the driver and the maximum protection from fire, keeping high breathability.

The model Prime SP-16+ represents the perfect application of this technology, designed in cooperation with the Team McLaren Honda F.1. This racing suit is FIA approved and it is the lightest suit in the world.
 Sparco raised the bar to new levels to the highest performance limit.

Prime Sp-16 was born in Sparco R&D division and has exceptional performance: it is the lightest suit in the world, (Fernando Alonso’s suits weight is less than 600 g), its breathability and comfort are unique. The suit is composed by 2-fabrics layers, made by Metamicro yarns. It has all the latest accessories such as a lighter, slimmer zip, ultra-thin stitching to give a flat stitching pattern.

Metamicro is the principle of the whole Premium Sparco collection, both for woman and man and of some iconic models. The celebration suit made for the retire of Fernando Alonso from Formula 1 will be in exhibition at Filidea stand during Techtextil.

Posted May 22, 2019

Source: Filidea