JEC World 2019 Exhibitor Preview: Biteam

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — March 2, 2019 — Biteam, a Swedish 3D-weaving company, has developed a range of carbon fiber 3D noodle or filler preforms for overcoming a persistent problem. The unavoidable deltoid or triangular cavity, which gets created when two oppositely curving laminates are laid next to each other in composites manufacture, needs to be properly filled up. Present solutions like use of rolled fibers, braids, cut reinforcements etc. are inadequate for stabilizing the structure being created with laminates, and preventing accumulation of unreinforced resin. Further, they are practically inconvenient to handle and impart relatively low mechanical performance.

The newly developed dry 3D noodle/filler preforms, which can be customized according to application needs, uniquely offer the advantages of stable cavity-matching shape, good fitting, delamination resistance, non-fraying, and adaptability for different constructional needs like curving. Such a product has been sought for long to speed-up composites production, improve performance, and reduce labour and inventory costs.

A number of different carbon fibre 3D noodles/fillers will be displayed at Biteam’s stand during the forthcoming JEC Composites Show in Paris.

Posted March 4, 2019

Source: Biteam AB