SGL Carbon And Airbus Helicopters Agree On Framework Contract For More Intensive Collaboration

WIESBADEN, Germany — January 8, 2019 — The helicopter manufacturer Airbus Helicopters Germany and SGL Carbon have been working together for years in the field of processing composite materials for aircraft doors of the Airbus Group. In the future, the cooperation with Airbus will be extended to applications for the helicopter sector and further intensified. The two companies have defined the framework conditions for this in a joint agreement recently that regulates the basic provision and further development of innovative carbon and fiberglass materials. A first individual project, which goes beyond the existing cooperation, concerns the supply of fabrics for structural components in Airbus helicopters and is currently in preparation.

Andreas Erber, Head of Segment Aerospace at SGL Carbon’s business unit Composites – Fibers & Materials (CFM): “The agreement is an important milestone and the result of the trusting partnership of recent years. The teams on both sides have achieved a great deal in the development of new tailor-made material solutions for components in helicopters. In this process, SGL Carbon contributes with its comprehensive holistic material expertise in the field of production of composite components.”

In addition to their bilateral business relations, Airbus and SGL Carbon are jointly involved in various associations and research projects in the composites sector, such as the Carbon Composites e.V.

Posted January 8, 2019