Bally Ribbon Mills High Performance Webbing Ideal For Recreational Applications

BALLY, Pa. — November 21, 2018 — Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) — a designer, developer, and manufacturer of highly specialized engineered woven fabrics — announced that its high-quality, high-performance webbing is ideal to meet the demands of recreational applications, including the commercial and sport markets.

BRM manufactures webbing that is ideal for use in a range of recreational applications. These applications include: binding tape, chin straps, harnesses, packs, climbing webs, pet leashes, and parachute and balloon setups.

Specializing in supplying engineered woven narrow fabrics, BRM can meet a wide range of requirements and specifications for recreational use including high strength, limited elongation, thickness, flammability, weight, and special colors. Woven tapes and webbing in nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Spectra®, and other specialty fibers are available in multiple configurations including light-weight binding to medium and specialty heavy webbing. BRM strives to meet the requirements of each customer’s application with superior production, design, and service.

With personal attention to all requirements, BRM assures quality and excellent customer service through total quality management and statistical process control and can meet requirements competitively and efficiently in everything from production items to R&D programs.

Posted November 21, 2018

Source: Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM)