Uniquetex Installs Two Spunmelt Lines

Grover, N.C.-based Uniquetex LLC — a joint venture between Foshan Nanhai Beautiful Nonwoven Co. Ltd., and Chaolong Textile Machinery Co. Ltd., both based in China — reports it has installed its first two spunmelt lines, which are capable of producing more than 10,000 tons of spunbond/spunbond (SS) and spunbond/meltblown/spunbond (SMS) fabrics and composite materials. The company provides industrial, home furnishing, packaging, medical and hygiene markets with 100-percent Made in USA nonwoven goods.

“Uniquetex has its own spunmelt technology that can offer finer fiber denier extrusion for superior softness and great comfort to meet the market demand, especially in the hygiene and medical markets,” said Dwight Fillers, vice president of sales, Uniquetex. “Our nonwoven technology also provides us with the flexibility and a cost-effective way to make and customize elastic nonwovens. Combined with the company’s two parent companies’ technical expertise and integrated nonwoven manufacturing experience, we are confident in establishing Uniquetex in the global market for a bright future.”

September/October 2018