Trevira, imat-uve Develop 3D Auto Interior Technology

Trevira GmbH and imat-uve GmbH, both based in Germany, have partnered to develop 3D flat knitting technology for automotive interiors. According to the companies, the process pairs “innovative yarn technologies with cutting-edge connection and finishing techniques” to create anatomically contoured seat covers and trim components. By using a single knitting process instead of multiple, a manufacturer can reduce production and materials costs and eliminate cut-and-sew steps.

“The development company imat-uve came up with a new breakthrough technology, while here at Trevira, we contributed our own recycled yarns and a new low-melt yarn we’ve developed based on synthetic fibers, which provides a stabilizing effect,” said Thomas Rademacher, head of development at Trevira.

“The 3-D flat knitting technology doesn’t just make it possible to save time and money on production,” added Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, CEO, imat-uve’s CEO. “It also opens up a whole new world of personalization for end consumers.”

September/October 2018