Rubberlite’s New SUR-fex® Series Of Functional Coatings Offer Flexibility, Breathability

Huntington, W.Va., — September 7, 2018 — More stretch, exceptional breathability, and guaranteed comfort make Rubberlite Inc.’s new SUR-fex® products ideal for use in medical, apparel, cosmetics, footwear, equestrian, padding or skin contact applications.

“Our SUR-fex SF series of water-based functional coatings allows us to enhance the surface of many substrates to improve functional characteristics for use in medical, apparel, cosmetic and general padding applications,” said Alan Fenno, market development manager for Technical Composites. “The open cell and ‘soft hand’ characteristics of these coatings are unique and offer comfort and breathability.”

The SUR-fex ® microcellular open-cell frothed coatings do not occlude airflow reducing heat build-up and ensuring comfort. SUR-fex SF100 is soft to the touch while maintaining flexibility which provides greater functional benefits, including outstanding wash durability, enhanced coefficient of friction, thermoformability, and no off-gassing. SUR-fex SF200 is cured at lower processing temperatures allowing coating to be directly cast on a broad range of flexible substrates, such as knits, foam, film, and foil.

“Our custom engineered equipment gives us the precision needed in application, material handling and curing to achieve unparalleled results in coating and performance,” said Keith Kerns, senior project engineer.

Rubberlite offers a unique portfolio of microcellular polyurethane foams to meet demanding requirements across a diverse range of applications. Under the trademarks of HyPUR-cel® high resilient foams and viscoelastic foams, Rubberlite engineers a broad range of polyurethane products and distributes products from several of the leading manufacturers of elastomeric and polyolefin foams in the world. With value-add

propositions in coatings and laminations, combined with best-in-class technologies, Rubberlite is well positioned to provide customer solutions in foam design, technical composites, and novel textile coating applications. Rubberlite, Inc. is headquartered in the United States and markets products throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Posted September 21, 2018

Source: Rubberlite