North Carolina Biomaterial Startup Selected By Leading Apparel Company To Develop Pain-Relieving Yarns

CONOVER, N.C. —  August 21, 2018 — Textile-Based Delivery Inc. (TexDel), a biomaterials platform technology company, and Kentwool Performance Apparel (Kentwool), a premier wool sock brand, announced today the world premiere of a medicated, pain-relieving sock. The Kentwool SensationWool sock is available now at to consumers who need temporary relief of foot-related aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, bruises, cramps, stiffness or soreness. These unique socks are constructed with Capsaicin-infused yarn by TexDel’s Nufabrx® platform and superfine Merino wool. Nufabrx is a patented biomaterial technology that incorporates active ingredients onto fibers and is programmed for predictable, effective, washable, long-lasting release. The main active ingredient, Capsaicin is widely recognized as a potent and effective topical analgesic.

“We’re thrilled to work with Kentwool to provide them with Nufabrx yarn for use in their most innovative sock to date,” said TexDel CEO Jordan Schindler. “It’s extremely exciting to be a part of such a ground-breaking consumer product — socks that actively deliver pain-relief while you wear them. We believe clothing will start to care for your body in entirely new ways. We see the day when well-being is simply part of our everyday outfit. Starting today, rather than applying a cream, taking a pill or using a patch, we’ll only need to get dressed.”

“Early consumer trials have shown the SensationWool is a sock customers are excited about and eager to purchase,” said Lauren Hubbard, president of Kentwool Performance Apparel. “We’re thrilled to combine the exceptional technology of Nufabrx with our premium sock design to provide a simple and needed pain relief option to our customers.”

Nufabrx, medicine meets advanced fiber technology
More than 85 percent of adults believe that good health contributes to their definition of overall success, according to a 2017 study from Kantar Futures. Unfortunately, 75 percent fail to maintain their health directions — whether that’s applying a cream every few hours or taking their daily pills. TexDel envisions the next generation of fabric technologies will enable clothing to actively sooth pain, moisturize skin and enhance athletic performance. This new category of materials will reimagine the $2 trillion wellness industry and the $300B athleisure market.

The Nufabrx platform is a patented method that embeds active ingredients into fibers such as Polyester and Nylon for the consistent release of beneficial therapies to the body. Nufabrx-treated yarns are commercially incorporated into the apparel manufacturing processes and proven to work on numerous automated knitting machines. When knitted into a garment, such as socks, the finished yarn will consistently release small amounts of capsaicin to the body to provide all-day relief. These garments remain potent after multiple washes over months of wear.

Posted August 24, 2018

Source: TexDel