Fives Launched A Nonwoven Pilot Line

PISTOIA, Italy — June 13, 2018 — Fives together with its partners Dell’Orco&Villani and Technoplants launched a pilot line in Pistoia, Italy, for nonwoven producers to test fibers for ADL applications including hygiene, personal care and medical.

The pilot line is equipped with opening and blending systems from Italy-based Dell’Orco&Villani, a state-of the-art carding machine DMS Elowave® from Fives DMS and a thermobonding oven from Italy-based Technoplants.

The DMS Elowave card features a completely new design, improved roll run-out to 0,03mm for enhanced homogeneity and high mechanical stability during operations. Its main advantages include high productivity (1,000 kg/h/m for 3.75 working width / 3.3 Dtex & 50 gsm), improved MD/CD ratio (2.5/1 @ 300 m/min) and drastic reduction of fiber accumulation due to controlled aeraulic flow.

The nonwovens is an incredibly dynamic and diverse industry driven by innovations. Over the last 5 years, the demand of nonwoven materials is constantly growing from 7 to 13% depending on applications according to the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA).

Posted July 5, 2018

Source: Fives in Nonwoven