NanoSpun Technologies Selected To Present At CleanEquity® Monaco 2018

LONDON — March 5, 2018 — NanoSpun Technologies will present at CleanEquity® Monaco 2018 March 8-9 at the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

CleanEquity® is an annual invitation-only event hosted by Innovator Capital, the London based specialist investment bank. The conference provides an intimate and collegiate setting for inventors and entrepreneurs to share their stories with delegates — key decision makers looking to assist them with reaching their commercial and strategic goals.

Other partners and sponsors include Prince Albert II of Monaco’s Foundation, Cohesion Investments, Covington & Burling, Cision, Cranfield University, easyGroup, Hobbs & Towne, the Monaco Economic Board, Parkview, Shell Foundation and STRATIS Impact.

NanoSpun Technologies (NanoSpun) has been identified by an expert panel as one of the world’s most innovative sustainable technology companies and has been selected to present to selected sovereign, corporate, family and professional investors & acquires, policy makers, end users and international trade media.

Harnessing the Power of Biology for Improved Biological Processes. NanoSpun Offers a Revolutionary Approach for Advanced Biological Water and Wastewater treatment.

NanoSpun is the global leader in encapsulation and immobilization of cells and microorganisms for biologically-based processes. The company is regarded by many industry experts as the most advanced and promising solution available today.

Following the dominance of chemistry and physics in the 19th and 20th centuries, the 21st century has been deemed “the century of biology”. However, the true potential of biology has yet to be fully realized. NanoSpun is the global front runner in improving biological based processes through revolutionary game-changing physical structure. NanoSpun products and technology harness, enable and improve biological-based processes including Water and Wastewater (W&WW) treatment as well as green chemistry fermentation processes, even in challenging, toxic or inhibiting conditions.

NanoSpun novel “Active Biological Fabric” and “Biology as Cassette” products and technology enable true progress in a sustainable manner. Industries that were previously unable to depend on biology due to its challenging and inconsistent nature are finally able to so.

NanoSpun next generation W&WW treatment products are called Modular Biological Cassette Reactor (MBCR), and they represent a new and novel approach to W&WW treatment.  NanoSpun MBCR addresses some of the industry’s most fundamental needs and offers the following properties:

  • Revolutionary cost-effective, highly efficient, sustainable solution;
  • Performance even in toxic, inhibiting and challenging environments;
  • Removal of specific contaminants in extreme levels (high and low);
  • Maintenance of ongoing efficiency and control over biologically based treatment processes;
  • Game changing products based on the company’s proprietary ‘active biological fabrics’ technology which enable encapsulation of biological and non-biological elements including enzymes, microbes, yeasts, algae and more;
  • NanoSpun ‘Biology as Cassette’ treatment systems ensure long-term and reproducible process by real-time maintenance procedures;
  • High concentration of designated biological agents and exceptional surface area for optimal processes; and
  • Modular, small footprint and easy to operate systems.

Posted March 5, 2018

Source: Innovator Capital