Twinery Announces PHOENIX Active Heating Technology For Activewear, Apparel And Other Soft Goods

LAS VEGAS — January 8, 2018 — Twinery, the innovation arm of 30-year-old global manufacturing company MAS Holdings, today announces PHOENIX, an active heating technology that puts the user in control of his micro-climate. Twinery is designing and developing groundbreaking solutions for activewear, apparel and other soft goods to solve real problems that humans face, like being outside in extreme temperatures.

The new Phoenix technology seamlessly integrates into all kinds of soft goods and apparel. For anyone living in a cold weather climate, a lightweight heated jacket can transform your life — not having to add or remove layers when traveling in and out of heated spaces, such as trains and shops, for example. Phoenix has a controller that lets you decide how warm you want to be at any time. There are four temperature settings — mild, warm, very warm, super snug — and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to three hours. It is then easily recharged with a wall power unit, just like your mobile phone.

The patent-pending heating technology promises both knitted and printed heating technologies that are either embedded into fabric or conductive wires that are insulated to make the garment completely machine washable. Twinery is at the forefront of material technology and created Phoenix to provide the first completely washable, super lightweight, cost-efficient and reliable active heating solution that is completely seamless (integrated directly into the apparel itself). The technology is not even visible to the naked eye.

“At Twinery, we want to help people live better lives,” said Nathan Sivagananathan, Chief Growth Officer at Twinery. “We are solving the annoyances that humans face which interfere with daily routines. With Phoenix, we are tackling the cold by revolutionizing the heating industry to give people the flexibility to create their own personal micro-climate. By integrating on-demand technology into clothing, people don’t have to compromise fashion. We welcome the idea of partnerships with brands in the outdoor, performance and lifestyle space.”

Phoenix technology can be integrated into a range of heated products across the apparel, soft goods, home furnishing and industrial sectors.

Posted January 8, 2018

Source: Twinery