Two New C-Ply™ Applications: At The CAMX 2017 Expo, Chomarat Will Present A Carbon Drone Wing And A Carbon Kayak

LE CHEYLARD, France — December 4, 2017 — CHOMARAT is presenting two new applications using C-PLY™, its innovative carbon multiaxial Non Crimp Fabric (NCF). For the first time, the specialist in composite reinforcements will exhibit a drone wing designed in partnership with VX Aerospace and Northrup Grumman Corporation and a kayak created in partnership with Confluence Outdoor at its stand (N 44) at the CAMX Expo.

A Drone Called “Dash X”, With A C-Ply™ Wing

Chomarat will exhibit a drone wing called DASH X, a Class II UAV that was created in partnership with VX Aerospace and Northrup Grumman Corporation. The drone can be folded and stowed inside a cylindrical container that is carried and deployed from a tactical aircraft. C-PLY is used in the construction of the wing, the horizontal stabilizers, the vertical fin and all of the control surfaces. “When it comes to wing skins, there is not a better material. The extremely thin non-crimped laminate with customizable ply angles is perfect. Strength and stiffness are tailored for the loads. There are no weight and performance compromises created by undesired ‘off-axis’ ply angles. No other hand-placeable material can do this”, says VX Aerospace Chief Engineer Bob Skillen.

An Ultralight, All-Carbon Kayak

Chomarat will also be exhibiting an ultralight, all-carbon kayak, the product of a collaborative project with Confluence Outdoor, a leading kayak manufacturer. Chomarat’s carbon C-PLY was chosen for its mechanical properties, which increase the kayak’s performance ten times compared to a classic construction.
“We chose C-PLY for the incredible mechanical properties of the non-crimp fabric. The ability to reduce the number of plies to have strength that is equal to that of its woven counterparts has helped us produce a lightweight kayak that can push the boundaries of our sport and achieve something that has never been done successfully by anyone else.

The added benefit of being able to choose the fiber angle allows us to place material in an optimal position for our boat shape and get the directional stiffness we require. Linking this with the ease of working with the Chomarat team and the ability to build a close and trusted working relationship has given us the ability to create a product that is far beyond our competitors’ reach, and takes the next innovative step within our industry,” explains Oliver Wainwright, product engineer of Confluence Outdoor.

Posted December 4, 2017