Chomarat Purchases High-Speed Multiaxial Machine

Chomarat recently invested in a high-speed carbon multiaxial machine

France-based Chomarat reports it has invested in a new carbon multiaxial machine designed for and by the company to increase line productivity during high-speed carbon fiber placement. According to the company, the machine is 10 times more productive than previous generation machines. The purchase is part of the company’s previously announced 35 million euro ($41.2 million) three-year innovation and upgrade investment plan. The machine allows Chomarat to manufacture its C-PLY™ high-performance multiaxial materials in different widths and large volumes in a variety of constructions including isotropic, specific angles ranging from 22.5 to 90 degrees, and thin plies.

“With this new carbon multiaxial, we are boosting our competitive power in France and abroad to meet the needs and requirements of our markets and customers, and also pursuing our innovation strategy,” said Michel Cognet, managing director, Chomarat.

November/December 2017