Mount Vernon FR Expands Global Reach Of Flame Resistant Fabric Business

TRION, Ga. – September 22, 2017 — Mount Vernon FR continues to innovate and grow, expanding the company’s global footprint for flame resistant fabrics. In addition to the United States and Canada – where Mount Vernon FR has had a steady presence for the last several years – Mount Vernon FR fabric will now be available in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Central and South America. The company’s expansion will open distribution channels for Mount Vernon FR fabrics in these regions, helping to fulfill increasing demand.

“This is a strategic move in growing the global supply chain for Mount Vernon FR fabrics,” said Mike Woods, vice president of flame resistant fabrics for Mount Vernon FR.

This announcement comes on the heels of Mount Vernon FR’s newest collaboration with Matrix World Group (MWG) Chile, who recently launched its first-ever collection of treated flame resistant clothing, all manufactured using fabric from Mount Vernon FR.

“Expanding our footprint to additional regions is a logical next step as our business continues to innovate and grow, and the expansion enables us to provide customers across the globe with access to durable, high-performing fabrics from Mount Vernon FR,” added Woods.

Mount Vernon FR fabrics meet the performance requirements of ASTM F1506, comply with NFPA 70E and are UL® certified to NFPA 2112.

To learn more about Mount Vernon FR’s newest initiatives and innovations, visit booth 6046 at the National Safety Council (NSC) Expo Sept. 25-27 in Indianapolis.

Posted September 22, 2017

Source: Mount Vernon FR