Teijin Aramid Launches Value Partner Program For Protective Business

ARNHEM, the Netherlands — May 23, 2017 — Teijin Aramid announced the official launch of its Value Partner Program (VPP) for its Personal Protective Equipment business. At the Techtextil 2017 exhibition in Frankfurt the company welcomed the first four European partners. Teijin Aramid’s Value Partner Program addresses the needs of partners today and into the future and aims to strengthen global cooperation to create mutual technical, commercial and marketing benefits that should result in better fulfilling the needs of global end users.

With this global program, Teijin Aramid recognizes selected value partners in the fields of Personal Protective Equipment. Value Partners enjoy a wide range of benefits, including access to laboratory facilities and active downstream support by Teijin Aramid. The first European customers that are joining this program are Lebon Protection Industrielle S.a.r.l., TECHS® Advanced Fabrics by SANTANDERINA, Europrotect France S.A. and Vochoc, s.r.o.

Aurelien Pochet, R&D Engineer, Lebon Protection Industrielle, said: “The Teijin Aramid Value Partner Program is very interesting for us. For more than 20 years we have been working together with Teijin Aramid to bring state of the art solutions in the field of protective gloves. Our relation is already based on mutual listening, which is the best basis. Via the Value Partner Program we are further intensifying our cooperation in order to even better fulfill the customer demands.”

“For us, this is a beginning of something great,” said Michal Homolka, sales manager, Vochoc. “We are proud to further intensify the cooperation with Teijin Aramid and bringing our partnership to the next level.”

By working together with our partners in the development and production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we can create unique synergies and technical, commercial and marketing benefits for all parties involved, throughout the value chain. Christian Norhausen, business manager, Protective Apparel, Teijin Aramid, said: “Building partnerships has always been at the heart of Teijin Aramid’s business strategy. With this program we will be able to further work on determining and translating the actual needs of end users like firefighters, police officers, soldiers, manufacturing employees and those who need PPE and will give us the opportunity to create downstream value by offering the right solutions and services to the PPE markets. Even more than we already do today. Joining forces will give us the opportunity to boost the protective equipment market with even better solutions.”

The VPP is a tailored partnership for Teijin Aramid customers in the field of Personal Protective Equipment. The program is open to apply for, but participation is done based upon mutual agreements. Partners receive an official certificate when they are welcomed to the program.

Posted May 23, 2017

Source: Teijin Aramid