New TeXtreme ® Website Launched

BORÅS, Sweden — April 7, 2017 — TeXtreme® has launched a new website to better facilitate the needs for its different target audiences. The new TeXtreme website comprises adapted information that connects their knowledge, technology and products for the composites industry.

“We work in close cooperation with our clients, giving them technical support, all the way from selecting the optimal reinforcement structure to making it work in the manufacturing process for the end product,” said Henrik Blycker, CEO, Oxeon. “The new website is one of our steps to meet the demands from the market and our customers’.”

The new website is based on a totally new technical platform and has a fully responsive design as well as new looks. All to give the visitor an easier access to information, both through stationary and mobile devices.

Andreas Martsman, vice president – Marketing & Sales, Oxeon, said: “When visiting trade shows around the world meeting composite professionals we see an ever-growing interest for TeXtreme spread tow reinforcements in many markets and an increased knowledge in its vast possibilities. For all of these persons we have made this investment, to get them specific information in order to help fulfill their needs faster”

Oxeon, the makers of TeXtreme, have more than 15 years of experience from optimizing advanced composite products and applying Spread Tow carbon reinforcements. The company possess a great knowledge in calculation, simulation and reinforcement optimization as well as making it work in production. TeXtreme Spread Tow reinforcements are a uniquely adaptable, safe and ultra light supportive solution for advanced carbon fiber composites. The usage of TeXtreme advanced carbon reinforcements will attain ultra light products that last.

Posted April 7, 2017

Source: Oxeon